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Building a new company is demanding. Having access to the knowledgeable IT team to
create the best product is so important in that early stage. With people offering the right
mix of professional skills as well as vision, the product can thrive.
We know!

Not having the right technical resources can:

  • Delay the product development.
  • Take away focus from the startup or scale-up’s commercial focus.
  • Stop you from figuring out if your idea is feasible and will actually work.
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That's why we created Akeo Tech-Start

Akeo Tech-Start is designed to help start-ups and scale-ups identify technical opportunities
as well as gaps. And build something that gives everyone a better understanding of your product.

With Akeo Tech-Start we quickly establish



What is the measure of success in short-term, and what do we need to achieve long-term

Map out

Map out

Early thoughts on architecture, tech opportunities and integrations



If an emerging technology works for the intended purpose also consider the legal aspects of it

Create a plan

Create a plan

Smooth development of PoC or MVP with better understanding of cost and time estimations

How does it work?

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