Not having the right technical resources can:

check-icon Delay the product development.

check-icon Take away focus from the startup or scale-up’s commercial focus.

check-icon Stop you from figuring out if your idea is feasible and will actually work.

That's why we created Akeo Tech-Start

Akeo Tech-Start is designed to help start-ups and scale-ups identify technical opportunities as well as gaps. The service helps businesses to build something that gives everyone a better understanding of the product.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Workshop held with various stakeholders to ensure we understand the requirement

Step 2

Determine the right progress of the project

Step 3

Constant interaction for clarity, especially if developing the product prototype

Step 4

Kick-off meeting with the legal team is set

Step 5

Assistance with describing innovative aspects for grant applications

Step 1

Workshop is held with various stakeholders to ensure that Akeo understands what you
want to develop

With Akeo Tech-Start we quickly establish


Define goals

What is the measure of success in the short-term, and what do we need to achieve in the long-term?

Map out

Map out the path

Discuss early thoughts on architecture, technological opportunities, and possible integrations


If an emerging technology is suitable, what legal aspects need to be considered?

Create a plan

Create a plan

Decide on the smoothest development of PoC or MVP, with better understanding of cost and time

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